About Us

Our History

The Inuvik Chamber of Commerce was formed in 1971 with a fully elected Board of Directors and Executive Officers to oversee its operations.  The Chamber’s first President Dick Hill was elected as Executive Director from 1975 to 1993. In his role as Executive Director he ensures continuum and stability within the organization as elected officers leave the community during their term.

The organization has seen several rebirths since its inception and in October 2009, the Town of Inuvik Business Development Officer, Larry Peckford took on the challenge to breathe new life into a Chamber that never say die. Now with renewed energy and direction, the current Inuvik Chamber of Commerce is again reborn with a full Board of Directors and Executive Officers. Past President, Larry Peckford took on the role of Acting President from October 2009 until December 2010.

Our Mission

The mission of the Chamber is; to promote trade and commerce, improve local and regional economic conditions and to support organizations that encourage cultural and social welfare in the community of Inuvik.
In addition the Chamber provides three vital functions to the business community; (1) bringing business together to ensure a strong Chamber (2) support the business community and seek new ways to improve both local and regional economy (3) advocate for business to ensure the business community concerns are presented and addressed at all levels of government.

Our Future

The current President, Lee Smallwood assumes the role in January 2011 and continues to build on the foundation left by Larry Peckford and the Chamber’s founding members. Our goals and initiatives continues to be; the partnership with the NWT and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in their continued lobbying effort to get the Mackenzie gas pipeline built; the co-sponsorship with the NWT and the Normal Wells Chamber to support the building of the Mackenzie Valley Fibre optic Link; our partnership with the local government to lobby the federal and territorial government on their commitment to build the Inuvik - Tuk highway and finally the development of young adults and teens business apprenticeship and mentoring program.

The Inuvik Chamber of Commerce will do its part to encourage, train, develop and mentor the next generation of business leaders. We as a Chamber believe this action is necessary to ensure the continued growth and prosperity of this organization.