President's Message

Welcome to the Inuvik Chamber of Commerce, the only Chamber located in the Arctic Circle.

It is my belief that Inuvik and the surrounding regions are on the cusps of the greatest economic growth the Northwest Territories will ever see.  The Inuvik Chamber will be here to provide companies and investors from around the world with a guided tour of this land of the midnight sun.

Inuvik is the largest business community in the Arctic Circle and the only commercial centre for the Beaufort Delta region. The town of Inuvik is located only a few hours’ drive from the Beaufort Delta Sea. With one of the largest natural gas deposit in the world and an abundance of natural resources throughout, this region is considered the last frontier of the north.

In the south business leaders swim with the sharks, in the north business leaders hunt with the polar bears.
We are inviting all business organizations from around the globe, from whatever industries to join us and experience our rich diverse cultures and way of life here in the Arctic Circle.

We are open for business and looking for new opportunities to foster and develop relationships inside and outside our community. Let the Inuvik Chamber of Commerce be your point of contact and the organization to connect you with our thriving business community.

- Lee Smallwood, President of the Inuvik Chamber of Commerce